About Us

Reconditioned & Used Appliance Sales & Much More!


Since 1978, Dave’s Appliances has helped the homeowners, renters and landlords throughout Erie, PA. Not only do we offer a wide selection of new major appliances, we also carry a wide variety of refurbished appliances and can even repair your current appliance.

When you choose Dave’s Appliances, we always keep your best interest in mind. We won’t simply sell you the newest and best product because it is available. Rather we will discuss your needs and budget with you to find the best solution to your problems.

We will always inspect appliances thoroughly before beginning any repairs and will provide you a fair and honest estimate. Sometimes, it is far more economical to purchase a new or refurbished appliance than repair the one you currently have.

For top quality services and products, there is no better choice than Dave’s Appliances in Erie, PA.